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Two Rivers Quilting Services

We provide a variety of services including: Custom Quilting and Edge-to-Edge patterns.
Width (W) of Quilt in inches: ___________
Length (L) of Quilt in inches: ___________
W _________ x L __________ = ____________________________ square inches
Square inches ____________ x .020 *= _________________basic cost of quilting
*Depending on the pattern (density and complexity). If the cost is 2.0 cents per square inch multiply times .020, if the cost is 2.25 cents per square inch, multiply times .0225, etc.

Quilt Preparation
1.The Quilt backing and batting should be at least 4” larger ON ALL SIDES than the front measurement.
2.The batting should be larger than the top but no larger than the backing (see additional services).
3.The quilt backing needs to be square. The backing is loaded onto the leaders and should be as square as possible, otherwise there is more
fabric on one side than the other and the fabric will rumple and pucker causing pleats and tucks in the quilt. The top of your quilt is generally loaded 4” down from the top of the backing. Please plan accordingly.
4.Pieced backings are very difficult to square exactly with the front so if your backing is pieced do not have seams close to the edge. Even a half inch off square (close to a seam) from top to bottom of the quilt will glaringly show when the quilt is trimmed.
5.Additional charges may apply to pieced backings and I can not guarantee they will be square.
6.Press seams.
7.Leave selvages on outer edges of the backing, trim selvages if they are sewn in a seam.
8.When the quilting is complete, quilts are trimmed to the top edge, unless otherwise requested or determined by quilter.
9.All trimmed backing and batting will be returned to you.
$2.50 per bobbin for Omni Solid colors
$3.50 per bobbin for King Tut Solids or variegated 

Quilting Options: 
Edge to edge (E2E):all over design (depending on the intricacy and density of the design)
Basic Meander: $.020 per square inch
Basic Simple: $.0225 per square inch
Standard Detail: $.0250 per square inch
Complex: $.0275 per square inch
Minimum: $50
Custom: Planned design for blocks, sashings, borders and special fill effects: prices will vary.
Please make an appointment
Minimum $100

Additional Services:
Batting: Quilter's Dream Batting (80/20 Blend Select Grade & 100% Cotton Select Grade) $12.00/ yard 
Square Backing:$10.00 
Prepare Backing:$10.00 per cut, $10.00 per seam
Batting:$10.00 trim batting to size
Basting: every 4”-5” in grid$00.020 per square inch
Binding: (based on straight edge binding)
Full Binding:(make, attach, and hand sew down)$.35 per linear inch
Make and Attach Binding: (so you can sew down)$.20 per linear inch
Make and machine sew on both sides$.25 per linear inch
Attach Binding: (customer to provide binding; I will sew to the quilt top 
  so you can stitch it down) $.15 per linear inch

Quilting Rates: Based upon the size of the quilt and the complexity of the design, edge to edge prices start at 2.0 cents per square inch (multiply the width of the quilt top by the length of the quilt top to get square inches and then multiply that number by $.020). 
Minimum Edge to Edge charge is $50
Minimum custom charge is $100

Edge to Edge: There are many designs available from simple to complex
Basic Meander begins at 2.0 cents per square inch. See below for design pricing

Custom Quilting:
Please make an appointment for custom services